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Technical Assistance Program

The Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship (CTE) provides Technical Assistance (TA) to aspiring and current entrepreneurs ages 15-24.  CTE offers ongoing workshops, individual consulting, mentoring, networking and coaching.  Our experienced professional advisors include experts in finance, accounting, marketing, product and service development, selling, human resources, training and business design and strategies. We approach assisting you with a set of questions to help determine your needs.  Together we design a process and timeline to assist you working to achieve your business goals. Some advising is at no cost and other services depend on your stage in developing your business.

CTE can assist you with your needs:

- Identifying and evaluating market needs and competitors

- Designing your product and services

- Making sales and budget forecasts

- Developing and using financial statements

- Creating a marketing plan

- Producing a business plan

- Identifying and building resources for inventory, distribution, human resources, marketing and finance

- Making location and distribution decisions

- Creating marketing and selling strategies

- Developing tasks, timelines, resources and strategies to start or grow your business

- Planning and implementing training and management strategies for the business

- Using data systems for records, reports and decision making


For more information contact Robert Birney 414-719-4002

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